How would I describe the mission of the Straight-Shooter project to a friend?

A brief history

Product brand managers want us to talk about how we feel about their products,

so they can count up the "goods" and "bads" and raise the value of their intangible assets.

Leveraging brand awareness, goodwill, and public opinion is a dangerous road when our credit-scores fluctuate with the causes we put money towards.

(e.g. buying clothes with the "Cruelty-Free" label)

The Straight-Shooter Index expands Sentiment to include "Existence" and "Expression":

Volatile Existence indicates Fake News Volatile Expression indicates Hearsay

Existence --> Fake News

Expression --> Hearsay

This series of videos compares how much of a Straight-Shooter news sources are when reporting on the same/similar topics.

Straight-Shooter Index

(Notice Hearsay on Bottom-Right)