Mission of Project

Preserve Indigenous Languages 

expanding Cortext to 20 other languages
influencing "schema.org" to implement this Semantic Calculus across the web

If only these were the phonetic sounds of the first name given to the pup 🤔

Maybe the pup would be more apt to authentically relate 🤔

Tactile Educational Technology

Pokemon Go was all the rage! It got folks out of the house...

After seeing a hackathon where a person developed gyroscope gloves - which could speak the sign language gestured,

I started to imagine a world with AR glasses and gyroscope gloves

where folks could get out and discover the genus and species

come home, upload their discoveries to a central repo, and socialize their taste...

but then, would the genus and species be rooted in Latin??

With the bugs and plants and rocks "magic wanded" into CAD files, and the proper  phonetic names attributed...

and the 3d printers blazing away creative models, and such

we could learn more goodly🌹🐿️