The Re-Search Engine

1. Preserve Indigenous Languages 

2. Reduce the energy footprint of LLM AI

expanding Cortext to 20 other languages
influencing "" to implement this Semantic Calculus across the web

In Short

Powerful LLMs are held by IBM, Google, Twitter, ChatGPT ...

These companies provide consultations on how to engineer language to best accomplish marketers' goals.
Cortext is a lightweight LLM that extracts "hashtags" and searches the most overlapping "Blue Words" in Wikipedia.

The Cortext LLM is more elegant than "Word2Vec" style Natural Language Processing 

it is based on Wierzbicka's Semantic Primes, and has the potential to function in 20+ languages.

Congress Bills

Discover Implications of Bills in U.S. Congress


Risk Wiki

A wiki for the risk factors of publicly traded companies: 

information to manage exposure

Straight Shooter Index

Model Semantic Calculus of 2015-2017 News to expose patterns in:


Serverless Architecture

Deploy Cortext in Cloud for anyone to:

Elastic Stack Integration

Phone App

e.g. Markov Chain + Lanchester's Laws




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